H2: Can You Fall In Love With Someone Online

Best dating sites can be known by what they offer their users. This is because the dating sites for marriage have provided all it takes to meet many singles across the globe. Dating online is very easy because it is not like the traditional matchmaking method. It is much more sophisticated. To become one of the online dating beneficiaries, sign up for free, upload the necessary information, such as name, address, email, age, and a profile picture. These things will enable you to get to meet singles online. However, to get one of the best free dating sites for seniors you like, upgrade to the paid features and enjoy the best.


Bromodates-page-brandIt is mainly a gay dating site for adults who are willing to mingle with other gays. Like other gay dating sites, it controls millions of users. The age range of users is between 18- 45 upwards. Users can connect members by subscribing to the paid features.



  • Connect more people without subscribing


  • The dating site offers only three days of free trials.

Price Plans

1 Day is $1, 1 Week is $5, for a month, the price is $50



Tinderfling-brand-pageThe pansexual dating site has been able to move beyond expectations despite being new. It seeks to bring several pansexuals together to find love that will lead to marriage. With the thousands of people signing up, getting a partner is very easy.



  • Easy to use
  • Locations of users are listed


  • No better website features

Price Plans

The cost of the trial is $4.47 for three days.

Light subscription is $34.99 for a month.

Standards costs $59,96 for months while  is VIP $95,94 for 6 months.




The dating site was established in 2000. It is one of the best dating sites that are user-centered. The sole aim of this dating site is to create a harmony that will lead to marriage. The site has over 66 million users from many places and 29,000 from the US alone.  In addition to that, over 6000,000  couples get married out as a result of good matchmaking.


  • Pocket-friendly amount
  • Easier and accessible dating site


  • No variety of medium of communication

Price Plans

Light subscription is paid for at 10.98 USD / Month. 65.90 USD for 6 Months.

The Plus price is 12 months for 3.83 USD / Month-45.90 USD.

The Extra two years is for 1.50 USD / Month 35.90 USD




The dating site was established in 1993, and it is one of the forerunners of dating sites. Currently, the dating site has 20 million users across the world, with 4000,000 from the US. The number of premiere users is 8 million, with 45%- 55% men and women. However, the number of men is higher than the number of women. This dating site is mainly for seniors above 50 who want marriage.


  • Sending likes is free
  • There are extensive search filters


  • Messages are only sent under the paid features

Price Plans

The premium plan is 14.99 USD / Month /44.97 USD for 3 months.

The 6 months is for 11.49 USD / Month     68.94 USD, while the annual subscription is 8.99 USD / Month, 107.88 USD.

For 3 months 12.99 USD / Months and 38.97 USD. To subscribe for 6 months, it is 9.99 USD / 59.94 USD, and 12 Months is 7.99 USD / Month/95.88 USD.

The boost subscription is estimated at1 Credit-0.99 USD / Credit.0.99 USD.

Apart from that, the 5 Credits goes for 0.80 USD / Credit  4.00 USD and the 10 Credits  0.60 USD / Credit 6.00 USD



OkCupid-brand-pageIt is a dating site that conveniently houses over 50 million users globally. It was established in 2004 with 1,000,000 daily active users. Among the 50 million users are found 10,000,000 from the US only. The ratio population of the users is estimated at 65% males and 35% females. The age limitation of users is between 25-34 years old. Being a user of this dating site makes it easy to get a marriage partner.


  • Beautifully designed interface
  • The matchmaking pattern is roulette type
  • It is suitable for mobile users


  • Some of the pages load slowly

Price Plans

A monthly subscription rate is 7.95 USD / Month-7.95 USD.

For 3 months, 6.35 USD / month   19.05 USD.

The 6 months subscription is3.95 USD / Month

23.70 USD. 1 month membership level is 24.90 USD / Month-24.90 USD 3 Months-22.90 USD / month

68.70 USD and  for 6 months, it is19.90 USD / month-119.40 USD.



JDate-brand-pageIt has served in its best capacity to make online match and marriage work, especially among the Jewish community. Many seniors flock to this dating site to get partners easily. This is easier for both men and women because the proportion is 47% males/53 females%. Jdate makes it possible to connect with anyone because it has five different language translations for better dating services.


  • Has the highest number of Jewish people
  • There are no online advertisements
  • Free users have access to many features


  • Expensive monthly subscriptions

Price Plans

6 months costs $179.94,

3 months for $134.97, and  $59.99 for a month


Tinder Dating Site

tinder-brand-pageThe dating site has dating apps and a website version. It is a dating site that is free for all age ranges who are seeking marriage partners. The member structure of Tinder is 50 million. Among these 10 million users are found 8,065,200 from the USA. Apart from that, the number of active users weekly is 8,000,000. The gender distribution is  37 % to  63 %, with men topping the list


  • The rate of activity is always high
  • Users are mostly young adults
  • Fast signing in


  • High possibility of fake accounts
  • A higher percentage of male users
  • Dating apps tighten the competition between singles and increases distrust and suspicion

Price Plans

14.99 USD / Month-14.99 USD for a month,

for 6 months 8.83 USD / Month-52.99 USD

and for year,it is 6.92 USD / Month-82.99 USD

3 months for $134.97, and  $59.99 for a month


Bumble Dating Site

bumble-brand-pageThe matchmaking app was developed in 2014. The dating site is truly booming for membership increase, so it is reliable for connecting many singles from different places for marriage. There are millions of users with 11,000,000 alone from the US. The record of new members per month is 700,000, 60% males and 38% females, with over 6,300,000 visits per month. In the US, over 3,000,000 visitors visit the dating site. The age range of members is from mid-20s-mid 30s.


  • Both Facebook account and mobile number can be used to open an account
  • Free message sending
  • It has a chatroom


  • The profiles are not very detailed

Price Plans

1 Week 10.99 USD and for a month, it is 24.99 USD.

The lifetime Subscription is 149.99 USD.



Hinge-brand-pageHinge is best for young adults’ matches. It has over 5 million members across the universe. Besides that, there are 500,000 from the US. Also, there are 90,000 daily logins and active users. The percentage of the male is 55% while the female users are 45%, with youths between the ages of 24-32. Hinge has simple requirements of becoming a member. It only requires going online to sign up, upload the information needed to get a marriage partner.


  • Giving likes, messages, and sending comments are free
  • Users can visit any profile of anyone


  • Signing up an account is slow
  • No email verification

Price Plans

One month 9.99 USD. The 3- month subscribers pay 6.99 USD / month 20.97 USD while 6 months 4.99 USD / month cost 29.94 USD


What Makes Dating Sites Better For Relationship

Many qualities make a dating site better for a relationship. Among the qualities that make a dating site unique is how the dating site is programmed. Among the programs are the free and the paid features, which help to connect to other members. Also, a dating site must protect its members from any unwanted situations that might make them prone to inconsistencies. Lastly, what makes the dating sites better is the traffic it generates because it makes it easier to get partners.



How do dating sites for marriage works

It works by signing up and following the rules

Which dating site for marriage can I trust?

All the ones that offer the best

Does a dating site for marriage have dating apps?

Some have, and some do not have.