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Grindr Review

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  • Gaymojis
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Grindr Review [2022]

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Started as a location-based social networking platform, Grindr has become a popular dating application for gay, bi, queer, and Trans singles. Launched in March 2009, available for both Android and iOS devices, Grindr has undoubtedly gained a reputation as the prime gay mobile app community worldwide.


  • Has the highest user engagement rate
  • Free users get complete functionality access
  • Matches based on location
  • Provide a dedicated platform for LGBTQ
  • Users get anonymity online


  • The live chat feature is exclusively for paid users only
  • Not ideal for people seeking a life partner
  • Lots of fake profiles
  • Has pop-up ads subscription upgrade
  • Interface needs improvement

Touted as a hookup app mostly, Grindr is indeed a dating app that has gained many controversies over the years. Still, it remains in the competition and serves its members right. So, here we present you with Grindr dating app review to verify if the site holds actual value or not.

Members of Grindr

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Home to over 27 million singles of the LGBTQ community, the member structure belongs majorly to the USA, making 25% of the entire platform. Apart from this, other countries that have the largest number of members are:

  • the UK with 1.8 million
  • Australia with 650k
  • New Zealand with 124k, followed by
  • Hong Kong with 191k and
  • Singapore with 162k

Online Registration

As the Grindr website is still a work in progress, you have to get the app to register. Sign-up is free of cost and only takes a while. It means you only have to provide a legit email id and set up a password to enter the Grindr dating app community. You can consider using a Facebook account for registration.

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Contact & Searches

Grindr provides two dedicated features to contact other seekers. The former one is regular messages, and the second one is called Taps. Messages work like usual service, and Taps offer you to see the people who are fascinated by you.

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Grindr Profile

Even though the Grindr dating app profile is detailed, you aren’t obliged to fill all the spaces. It’s also possible to link your social media profile with the account, which further makes the profile creation easier. But make sure that you enlist something in sections like Info, Stats, Identity, Sexual Health, etc. to provide a fair chance to others to analyze your profile.

grindr profile

Matt Moore, ‘Ex-Gay’ Christian Advocate (original:

Mobile App Overview

The Grindr dating app is deliberately customized with a user-friendly interface. Though there is still some space left for improvement, it will give you a more focused experience. The app is available for Apple and Android devices in their respective stores and can be downloaded for free. Don’t forget to try it once!

Grindr Reviews

“I was a little afraid to come out openly as a Gay man, but this app helped me find other men facing the same dilemma. Luckily, I found a partner who gave me the courage, and now he is my husband. Thanks to the anonymity of Grindr, my identity was kept safe until I was ready to reveal it.” – Rick, 31 (CA)

“Fun dating app!! Good for both hookups and finding a genuine partner. I will give Grindr 5-star rating for privacy and security.” – John, 45 (Australia)

grindr app rating by trustpilot

Grindr app rating by trustpilot

Grindr Subscription Prices

The app offers two Subscription plan – Xtra and Unlimited.

Promote My Account
  • 1-month at $13
  • 3-months at $28.20
  • 12-months at $62.40
Grindr Unlimited
  • 1-month at $41.11
  • 3-months at $61.17
  • 12-months at $176.46

Unique Features

Here are some special features of Grindr that will come in handy while you are chatting and flirting with your matches.

  • Gaymojis – Emojis customized for LGBTQ community
  • Tap – Show someone you are interested
  • Favorite – Bookmark profiles
  • Explore – Expand partner search to other countries
  • Discreet App Icon – To change the app icon/logo on your device

Free of Charge Services

Grindr holds up to its end of claims by providing the following services for free:

  • Registration/Sign-up
  • View 100 matches
  • Send/Receive messages
  • Basic Search Filters
  • Join 1 Tribe
  • Explore Member’s Profiles
  • Form group chat

Grindr Usability

As Grindr relies on your location to look for a partner, the dating app’s usability is above average. The app is friendly and straightforward to ensure that the members don’t consider browsing for profiles a hassle.

Is Grindr safe?

Considering that Grindr is a gay, trans, bi, and queer dating app, the members’ security and safety is a primary concern for the developers. You can review Privacy Policy to verify that your information is under protection, and the security team can remove fake accounts too if you come across any.

Chinese firm selling dating app Grindr amid national security concerns

grindr support

Tips to Make Your Search Successful on Grindr

The best tip to have an impeccable dating experience on Grindr is to join the right Tribe. It will be your community where you’ll get to meet compatible singles and pursue the relationship of your choice.

After reading this dating app review, don’t forget to visit the Play/App Store and try it for free!



Frequently Asked Questions

How Grindr works for singles?

The app follows the standard procedure of dating apps. First, you register, allow the app to access your location, and start searching for potential matches.

How to get in touch with other members?

Use Chats or Taps or both.

In which country Grindr app is popular? And in which countries it’s prohibited?

Grindr is prevalent in western countries such as the USA, UK, Brazil, and Mexico. The countries where it’s prohibited include Middle East countries like Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Asian countries like Indonesia, China, and others like Ukraine, Egypt, and Russia.

How long does it take to review photos on Grindr?

Typically, the photos you upload get reviewed immediately. Nonetheless, if the image contains a sensitive message or information, it won’t get approved.

Will I know when someone blocks me on Grindr?

No, technically, you won’t find out if someone blocks unless you specifically search for that person. You can always create a new account to verify if someone has blocked you or their account is deleted.

Is Grindr an utterly anonymous platform?

Yes, the site allows the members to upload and post a faceless picture for a display to keep the identity secret.