The Alternative to made a name for it as one of the best dating sites overall. Especially when it comes to trans dating because it has a friendly community where everybody can feel like among close friends, you may read mytranssexualdate review, and you’ll find out that although having around 14 million visitors every month, that site doesn’t help a lot of people. It’s ok if you’re ok with just chatting. But if you want hookups, transgender dating sites like are a much better option.

Onenightfriend vs Mytranssexualdate Comparison

At first, it might seem silly to compare these two dating sites. One is specialized in trans dating, and the other is made to make hooking up easier. This onenightfriend review will show you why that site is better for you than mytranssexualdate.

Onenightfriend vs Mytranssexualdate Overview

The only 2 things where mytranssexualdate beats onenightfriend is specialization and the number of active users. In every other aspect, the onenightfriend is superior. It was made to help people find hookups less than 100km away from them, and it’s working great. Mytranssexualdate was made just for trans dating, but it became a site full of friend-seekers.


Mytranssexualdate is a bit cheaper, but the price can be a sign of lower quality.

Their prices:
• 1 Month – 29.90 USD
• 3 Months – 68.70 USD
• 6 Months – 101.40 USD
• 12 Months – 130.80 USD

Onenightfriend prices:

• 1 Month – 39.00 USD
• 3 Months – 65.70 USD
• 6 Months – 106.20 USD


There is a free and paid membership on both sites. What makes the difference are users on each site. Mytranssexualdate is one of the transgender dating sites. Most of the users are transgender women (60%), and the rest are males (40%). If you want to have a casual relationship, you most likely won’t get lucky on that site. Most of the people there are looking for something serious.

Onenightfriend review written by experts showed that although most users are males (76%, females 24%) the site works great. Its goal is to make finding hookups simple, and it does exactly that. Trans dating is one of the categories so everybody can join and test their luck. If you make a detailed account, you’ll get lucky for sure.

Ease of Use

Making an account is simpler on mytranssexualdate. You can use your Facebook account and be done in 2 minutes. Onenightfriend has a common registration. You fill in basic data, and you’re ready.

After your account is ready, making contact is simple on both sites, but Onenightfriend takes a point there because of their app. It’s super easy to use so it makes the whole experience even better. You can chat with single people around you whenever you want.


Transgender dating sites usually don’t have any special features. Mytranssexualdate isn’t an exception. That’s just one more basic site specialized in trans dating.

Onenightfriend offers much more. Besides having an amazing app, you can enjoy:

• wink – break the ice by winking at singles you like. If they wink back, go for it.
• Advanced searching – filters allow you to search only for the specific type of people
• Like Gallery – this feature puts a judging hammer in your hand, you’ll love it (something like Tinder app)
• Flirtcast – send that perfect flirty message to more than one account

Security and Support

Both dating sites have strong security policies and online support, which is available 24/7.

Who Should Use Them is one of the best transgender dating sites, but its specialization is its biggest limitation. Still, if you’re a transgender person or you would love to date a trans single, this site can help with that. isn’t specialized, so everybody who wants to meet single people from their area can join. It’s great for singles, gays, lesbians, and trans. But keep in mind that most people don’t want anything serious. It’s a site for casual things and people.

Expert Conclusion Onenightfriend vs Mytranssexualdate

After writing a Mytranssexualdate review, the expert concluded that it’s a good site for trans people looking for serious relationships. On the other hand, Onenightfriend is one of the best sites for chat and casual relationships.

The Winner: Onenightfriend vs Mytranssexualdate

If you have to choose between the two, it won’t be a hard decision. beats by a mile. Hookups with singles near you, mobile app, and a diverse community are the reasons why you should have an account on that dating site.