Best Free Dating Sites for Teenagers

It can be exhausting to check all of your options in a world full of choices and then deciding. Reading about each of the following dating sites on their sites and looking for them would take you a couple of hours.

That’s why we did that for you. Thanks to that, you won’t waste your time researching sites for young adults. You can read everything you need to know about the best sites here and decide which one (or more of them) are good for you. Spend those hours you would waste researching on meeting other people looking for dates online. main page

Since started helping people meet online back in 2009, it helped millions of singles. This site is used mostly by young adults who want to have casual romances. That’s a more polite way to say – if you want hookups, join

It’s popular all around the world, and members are usually younger than 35.

Filters let you search for the specific type of people so young adults don’t have to look at 35 old fossils. Sadly, this site doesn’t have a dating app for teens, but a mobile version is easy to use so that you won’t miss an app at all.

This site is great if you’re shy because it has one unique feature. You can send winks to other members. Winks are perfect ice-breakers. When you find a teen so beautiful that you don’t know what to say, but you can’t resist making the first contact – send a wink. If you get a wink back, it’s obvious that interest is mutual. From there, start chatting.

Some other interesting features of are:

• Like Gallery – advanced matchmaking similar to Tinder but better
• Flirtcast – send a message to all of your matches at once (a good time-saver)
• Videos – you can upload a short (up to 30 seconds) video

Teendatingsite sign in is a 10-year-old dating site specialized in giving teenagers what they want. And what do you want? You want to have fun, meet new people, go on dates with somebody near you. All of that is possible on

And it’s easier than you would say because they have a dating app for teens.

IOS users will be sad because the community on this site is diverse and growing, but an app is only for android. However, a mobile version of the site works like a charm, so you can still use all the popular dating sites‘ benefits. And what are those benefits?

• Open-minded community – it doesn’t matter you are straight or gay; you’re welcome here as long as you’re a teenager.
• easy registration – it shouldn’t take you more than 3-4 minutes to register and start chatting
• free – this site is free of charge
• hot or not – a fun game that will help you find your matches
• group chat – hang out with more than one hottie at the time

mylol logo is a bit different from the rest of the sites on this list. It has a dating app for teens. It’s branding itself as a site where teens can meet other teens and start dating, but most users seek friendship.

It’s a nice tool if you want to make friends online with the possibility of being more than friends. It’s popular in the US, and the female/ male ratio is around 30%/70%. With 50 000 weekly active users, it’s hard to be bored on

Free Teen Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are great for teens who like to hang out with a lot of people. It’s like going out with your crew, meeting other young adults, but without leaving home. You can flirt there too so keep reading to discover popular chat rooms for teenagers.

TeenChat is an online chat service made for teenagers. It’s slowly gaining popularity in the U.S. Last month there were nearly 500 000 teens from the US on this site. With teenagers from other countries, the number of users goes way over a million.

However, because of the time difference and relatively small community, there are usually approximately 1000 users online all the time. That’s enough because you can’t talk to all of them.

Find a chat room you like, or create one, and start meeting young adults. Some rooms are used for flirting; some are used for friendly chatting. The choice is yours.

Two important things about

• it’s free to use (there are some paid features, but you don’t need them)
• there are a lot more females than males (62% to 38%) is one of the oldest chat sites that still exist. It was launched in 2000, so it’s older than you are if you’re a teenager. It has 19 different types of chat rooms; teen chat is just one of them. Despite its age, this site is still keeping pace with other online chat services.

More than 5000 people join it every week, so there is always somebody new to meet here. Although it isn’t made just for teens, the community is full of young adults. The majority of users are younger than 35.

It’s free to use and easy to register so that every young adult can join. The only downside is – you have to be over 18 to join. is an online chat service where teens gather to chat, flirt, and have fun. It’s modern, so it has a dating app for teens, but you can use it on the desktop too.

Teens love it because it takes less than 30 seconds to register (use your Facebook or Twitter account). All of that wouldn’t mean much without a healthy community, so here are some facts about users.

• more than a million users worldwide (majority from the U.S.)
• most of the users are teens
• there are more males than females is 18 years old, but it’s still popular among people worldwide (mostly in the U.S.). Users can choose between 13 types of chat rooms. Young adults prefer downloading a dating app for teens, but since it’s available only for android, some are still using a desktop version.

The community is diverse, but if you enter a chat room for teens, you can be sure there are no old people there. There are slightly more male than female users, and somebody will be online every time you log in because many people are using

Is a Free Dating Site Safe for Young Adults?

Safety is relative. Nothing is safe if you’re reckless. As long as you don’t share private info with everybody (photos included), you’ll be safe. Sites today have strict privacy policies, so you don’t have to worry about the info you’ll provide while making accounts. All in all, yes, free dating sites for teens are safe.

Which Teen Dating Apps Require a Facebook Login?

None of the teen dating apps insists on a Facebook login, but some sites offer that feature. It speeds up registration, which makes it very popular among young adults. One of the sites where you can register using your Facebook account is