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One dating site is stealing attention. used to be untouchable, but since is on the scene, is happy to be in second place. Find out why.

Flirt vs Mylol Comparison

Mylol is a famous site, but it has a lot of holes in its game. recognized those downsides and created a site users love. With over 1 000 000 users, it’s still growing rapidly. That’s strong evidence that it works, but let’s dig deeper and see why exactly makes better than Mylol.

Flirt vs Mylol Overview

Mylol has a history of dealing with a lot of fake profiles and rude users. Every Mylol review mentions suspicious people who create an account just to have fun or play catfishing. Mylol is one of the popular teen dating sites, so it’s not surprising that there are immature users, but is also good for teens, and it doesn’t have nearly as many fake profiles.


Teen dating sites shouldn’t be expensive because most teenagers don’t have a lot of money. (site perfect for emo dating) has a price of 28.80 USD per month or 48.60 USD for 3 months.

Mylol is a bit cheaper. It has a weekly price of 3.95 USD. One month will cost you 9.95 USD, 3 months of Mylol membership are 20,85 USD, and 6 months can be yours for 29.70 USD.

Both sites offer an option to create a free account.


If you’ve ever read another Flirt review, you know that free membership is available. The same goes for Mylol too. Still, experts advise taking a paid membership because it increases your chances of meeting people and unlocks the unlimited chat feature.

When it comes to users Flirt beats Mylol easily. With more than a million users in total and 300 000 from the U.S. compared to 200 000 users on Mylol it’s obvious where the magic happens. Also, Flirt is popular among young people. Although it doesn’t have an app, it’s popular for emo dating, and it’s the fastest-growing of all teen dating sites. Mylol review proved that some people are using that site just to prank other users.

Ease of Use

Mylol is easy to use because it has an app. Via the app, you can chat with other people even if you don’t have a profile photo. Almost every Flirt review from its users celebrates the ease of use that site offers. Starting a chat is easy; creating an account is even easier. It’s one of the most popular teen dating sites, but every granny can use it.


Mylol features:

• Shout – similar to a Facebook status update
• Votes – vote if that account should be featured on the home page
• Chat room
• Suspicious Keyword Detection – exists to maximize security
• Photo Moderation – moderators, are checking every uploaded photo

Flirt features:

• Like Gallery – Profiles of other people will be shown. Something like a Tinder app.
• Flirtcast – send the same message to more than one person
• Video Uploads – 30 seconds of videos are game-changers.

Security and Support

Online support is available on both sites 24/7. Both sites have strong privacy and security policies.

Who Should Use Them

Mylol is good for young adults, and it’s a popular teen dating site. But members are becoming rude, so it’s not good for teens anymore. People looking for fun and friends should use Mylol.

Flirt is a great site for any kind of online dating, emo dating included. It’s also the most popular teen dating site in the U.S. in the last couple of months. Users are seeking fun, hookups, and relationships.

Expert Conclusion Flirt vs. Mylol

If you want to have a chat with friends who know how to have fun – use Mylol. But you won’t meet your partner there. Flirt is a much better option for all love-seekers because members are more serious and mature. Having a Flirt account means you’ll connect with like-minded people, which’s important when it comes to date seeking.

The Winner: Flirt vs Mylol

Flirt is better than mylol. With a very small number of fake profiles, it’s a great site for everybody who wants to start online dating with real people. The only downside Flirt has the lack of an app, but since the mobile version works like a charm, the app is not needed.