Top 3 Lesbian Dating Advice


  1. Keep an open mind.

When dating a lesbian, the first thing you should do is keep an open mind. By keeping an open mind, you invite new thoughts and experiences into your life. Since you are entering a whole different situation, the goal is to understand as much as possible. You don’t want to join the lesbian dating scene with a closed mind, or you may miss out on meeting a wonderful lover or mate.

  1. Understand the various lesbian types.

It`s important that you understand the difference between the three.

  • Fem is the girly girl who likes high heels and lipstick.
  • Stud is the more masculine of the three types.
  • The stem is a hybrid of the two.
  • And there’s the lesbian who refuses to identify herself at all. She is at ease with her skin and doesn’t associate under any labels.

It is critical to understand the distinction because you may grow interested in a certain category of lesbian when you begin your dating life.

  1. Don’t Pretend You Understand Lesbian Sex

lesbian-sexYes, if you’re new to the lesbian dating sites and scene and have never had sex with a lesbian, don’t act as if you know just because you’re a female. Sex with a woman is not the same as having sex with a guy. There are even more avenues to investigate. It’s sensual, and the foreplay is fantastic. Lesbian sex is incredible. It’s not the “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of sex with guys. If you should decide to take this to the next stage physically, please be frank about your lack of experience. Most importantly, relax and allow things to unfold naturally.

 Best Lesbian Dating Advice You Should Know

So, you’ve decided on a time and date for your intimate rendezvous! But, to have the best night possible, you must bring your game. This is especially good dating advice third date.

Make sure you ask her about herself. People like sharing and feeling important. You’ll also learn what’s valuable to her, what she enjoys doing with her time, and you’ll be able to find common ground pretty easily. If she asks you a question, have a follow-up question for her.

Lesbian-Dating-TipsIf you’ve been out to eat, it’s a smart idea to pay the bill, particularly if you’ve done the asking. The old adage of heterosexual relationships is that the guy pays. That doesn’t work in lesbian dating, so what are you supposed to do?

For one thing, you don’t want to seem cheap. Of course, make sure you’re going places where you can afford to pick up the tab if your date agrees, but keep in mind that it’s the idea that counts. Generosity is a hot commodity. Furthermore, breaking the tab will quickly devolve into tedious admin, which is completely unromantic.

Don’t bring up your ex-partners. Don’t be awkward; instead, be truthful and tell her that you’re having a great time on the date. And please, for God’s sake, compliment her! Tell her how much fun she is, how entertaining she is, how lovely she is, and watch her grin spread from ear to ear!

Don’t be afraid to roll in bed. One of the most wonderful aspects of lesbian society is that there isn’t almost as much slut bashing as there is in the heterosexual world. Why not if you’re at ease, enjoying the chemistry, and up for it? Do what feels best for you and accept your sexual orientation. When you do, you open Pandora’s box of incredible opportunities that await you.

The Most Common Lesbian Dating Advice

lesbian-loveIt’s a good idea to call or email her the night of your date to let her know you had a nice time. Demonstrate that you have your head in the game when it comes to communication and that you are concerned about her as well. Displaying your texting availability lets her know that she can contact you in the future without thinking about distracting or bothering you. This, in particular, sets the stage for the dynamic you want to have with her.

Last but not least, be yourself, and you will be shocked at the outcome! When you own your personality and fully embrace who you are, you are at your most alluring, sexiest, and strong. Demonstrate to your girl that you are not afraid to express your thoughts and feelings and that you really want to spend time with her and get to know her. Listen to her, appreciate her views, and tell her how important she is to you. Sis, you’ve got this!

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