The Best Dating Advice for the Third Date

You have made it to the third date with the same person…well done! I don’t say it in a “you should be glad they really want you” sort of way—I mean, congratulations on meeting someone with whom you connect enough to see not once, not twice, but three times. That’s not always simple these days, as you’re certainly aware. Are you now looking for dating advice third date or best free dating sites ?

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Since the third meeting is so uncommon for most people, you might place a lot of emphasis on it. On the one hand, you’re more at ease with this individual than you were on your first meeting because, hello, you’re no longer strangers. On the other hand, you’re probably more in your head than normal. That’s how the culture has led us to think, for some reason, that the third date is the meeting —that if it goes well, you’re instantly exclusive.

That, though, is not the case! Or, at the very least, it should not be. I usually advise seeing a new partner for even longer than three dates before discontinuing contact with other parties. Why? It is already so much you won’t know about each other by the third date. It doesn’t have to be so big of a deal.

Dating Advice for the Third Date You Should Know About

So, just how important is the third date?

The significance of the third date is entirely up to you, and it varies from person to person. But, I sincerely believe that the only reason the third meeting should seem more significant than the previous two is that it now represents a sequence. At this point, you’re beginning to put time and resources into possibly seeing them daily.

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Some women follow a “three-date guideline,” which states that they will not have sex until the third date. I am not saying I (dis)agree, but having a date-specific personal rule like this can allow you to place even more emphasis on the meeting itself, so you’re immediately concerned about whether you’re still on board with sex and whether it could actually happen. Who wants that kind of pressure?

And, for others, the third meeting could seem like a tie-breaker, particularly if the first or second dates were less than stellar. (It’s similar to the “three strikes, you’re out” rule, except in the opposite direction.) However, the fact is that there is no magical timeframe for determining whether or not anyone is The One. Placing too much significance on a specific date will lead you to either cling to someone too quickly or, on the other hand, give up on them too quickly.

So, by the third date, what should you know?

If your third date goes as planned, there is a fair possibility you will end up back at your house. You should clean your house or condo. Even if your date never returns to your home, you have kept it tidy, and there are few single people who will not benefit from a cleaner environment.

It isn`t clean enough, no matter how clean you believe it is. Understand that you are being tested from the time your date walks in your front door. Everything matters now, and there are little second chances if you squander your first visit to your home. If you say to yourself at some point when reading this, “but mine is already…” just pause, it isn’t, and do it anyway. When your house is in shambles, your odds of having sex on a third date plummet substantially.

Change your sheets regardless of how clean they are; satin or silk sheets are not expected, but they must be clean; and, though pleasant and chintzy, avoid something suggestive of a child’s bedroom. A single teddy bear is appropriate, but a bedspread with giant dolls is a no.

It may be challenging to figure out how to handle the third date. For several, this is the point at which you decide whether to start a relationship or quit seeing each other.

This decision can be made simpler if you follow the tips in this article for your third date.

Most importantly, when interacting, you should maintain a normal and relaxed demeanor. A third date is not your wedding day; instead, see it as an opportunity to engage with someone you’d like to spend time with.

You will make better decisions and have a better chance of forming a good and long-lasting partnership this way.


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