Christian dating advice you should know about

You can find plenty of dating advice all over the internet, but much of it is incompatible with the dictums of faith. On the other hand, Christian singles need guidance, too, since, in modern times, they can’t rely on traditional dating methods anymore. It can be a challenge to make peace between your love for God and your need for companionship, but those spheres are not as much in conflict as you might think at first. The very same traits that are appreciated in the Christian community – loyalty, faithfulness, respect for the sanctity of life – will serve you very well in a relationship, but only if you can find a partner that shares all of those values.

Best tips for successful Christian dating


There are a lot of places offering Christian dating advice for men, but it’s questionable how much you can trust online sources. Older people from the church are often willing to assist as well, but their notions of dating are typically outdated. That’s why you have to be very careful where you pick up relationship tips and how you apply them in practice.

Religious people come in many shapes or forms, and it is very dangerous to assume that notions accepted in one social group can be directly translated to every situation. Still, the Christian faith is built upon some principles that are shared by all denominations, so it’s possible to meet like-minded people if you know where to look.

Tip #1 – Don’t try to convert others – find someone who already believes


You have never to try to impose your moral standards on a person that doesn’t practice religion or has different beliefs than you. The dating scene is not a place for proselytizing, and trying to be an ardent defender of your faith might come off as combative or intolerant. On the other hand, you can’t be expected to just go along with someone’s actions that are directly opposed to the Scriptures.

The only good solution is to limit your partner’s search to people with very similar attitudes towards God. It’s certainly possible for members of different churches to fall in love with each other, but making such a relationship work on a daily level could turn out to be a huge challenge.

Tip #2 – You can be a believer and be fun to hang out with


It’s normal that you will sometimes discuss your religious feelings with a potential partner or a special friend, but this shouldn’t be all you talk about. Christian singles want to have fun too, and they are attracted to people who know how to have a perfect time without breaking any of the social norms associated with a religious lifestyle.

That means you could benefit from a collection of wholesome jokes and interesting hobbies and could expand the circle of your potential partners in this way. Try to avoid the ‘holier than thou attitude as much as you can – people don’t want to date saints, and there is no reason to insist on your propriety at all times.

Tip #3 – Keep your long-term focus

The goal of Christian dating is marriage, so you should never lose perspective of your true objective regardless of how interesting someone may be. Your criteria for partner selection should be based on your estimation of the partner’s potential for a long-term commitment.

While this is often true for anyone, Christians assign much more value to the spiritual component of the relationship, which can take some time to develop fully. That’s why patience is a virtue, and all Christian dating advice starts with a reminder not to chase excitement at the expense of true love.

Since it can be difficult for Christian singles to find a good match in their local environment, many of them are joining online dating platforms in the hope of meeting a compatible person. This can be a savvy decision, especially if you live in a small community or are a member of a minority church. If you stick to Christian dating websites and communicate only with those that share your passion for the divine, you can meet a lot of nice and warmhearted people in this setting. Whether one of them becomes your lifelong companion is up to you!

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