Advice on Best Dating Websites & Apps

 Finding the best dating sites the web has to offer is not an easy task – luckily, we’ve done it for you. Online dating is one of the most beautiful things you can participate in, and it’s incredibly easy! Getting into this world is as simple as making an account on one of the best platforms. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the right platform for your needs. Below, we’re going to give you a brief list of some of our top picks, and further down the line, we’ll discuss some insider info on finding a partner online.  So, without further ado, here are some of our tops picks for online dating websites!

 Top 10 Sites to Meet Singles 

benaughty logo

Benaughty App + Web

One of the best dating website options for people who want to hook up is this website. It’s pretty self-explanatory. You come to the site, you get your naughty bone on, and you have fun! There are plenty of features, it’s populated, and the security is superb.

Key Features:

  • Sex orientated
  • Lots of singles
  • Global audience


pof logo


Plenty Of Fish App + Web

Unlike Badoo, which is mostly centered around hookups, POF allows you to actually meet people. Plenty of fish is a popular service with a more mature audience looking for some adult fun and some romantic involvement. It’s an excellent service, with lots of fun and functional features!

Key Features:

  • Community driven website
  • More mature age demographic
  • Hookup-oriented

tinder logo

Tinder App + Web

Tinder, the American dating juggernaut, is one of the most popular services out there. It comes with an app, and its population is massive. It’s mostly populated by a younger demographic, much like Badoo, and focuses on hookups, relationships, and young love. If this is you, you’ll find a home on Tinder in no time!

Key Features:

  • Superb iOS and Android app
  • Globally popular
  • Younger age demographic


PlanetRomeo App + Web

Some people don’t want a Juliett. PlanetRomeo is the premier online dating service for gays and comes packing a bulge of all the features you could imagine. It is an excellent, well-populated, and fully optimized matchmaking service that will make your next male homosexual fantasy become a reality!

Key Features:

  • Gay men orientated
  • Fantastic security
  • Fun live chats

badoo logo

Badoo App + Web

Badoo is one of the best online dating options out there! It has quite a lot of members on it, and using the thing is very simple. Overall, this swipe-type matchmaking platform is one of our personal favorites.

Key Features:

  • Very populated
  • Superb mobile application
  • Easy to use

okcupid logo

Okcupid App + Web

OkCupid is another viable option for the most popular dating website out there. It’s fun, it’s filled with people, and it’s a community-driven matchmaking service. When you’re using OkCupid, you can rest assured that you’ll find a date.

Key Features:

  • Superb security features
  • LGBTQ+ Friendly
  • iOS and Android app

secondlife logo

SecondLife - VR Dating + Web

While in practice, SecondLife is a social VR game – it can lead to some fascinating relationships and unique experiences. While it probably won’t land you a real-life date, you haven’t truly lived until you’ve had some freaky cybersex.

Key Features:

  • Virtual dating
  • Virtual avatar
  • Flirting, relationship, and cybersex community

zoosk logo

Zoosk App + Web

Zoosk is a thriving website with singles who are ready to mingle. With over 40 million reported members, it’s not a far-fetched idea that you’re going to be diving in a sea of fun, like-minded people in this feature-filled dating service.

Key Features:

  • Online dating help blog
  • 40 million reported singles
  • User testimonials

adultfriendfinder logo

Adultfriendfinder App + Web

If you prefer a sophisticated online dating approach, you might want to give AdultFriendFinder a shot. AFF is one of the best-known names in the industry for a good reason. It’s fun, secure, and thriving, with a vibrant member base.

Key Features:

  • Recipient of numerous awards
  • Detailed profiles
  • Live model chats

  match logo App + Web

Match is a top-rated matchmaking service for everyone. If you’re interested in any kind of partners such as gay, black, Christian, LGBT, or fetish, you’ll find it on Match. It’s also chock full of fun features that a superb dating website like Match needs.

Key Features:

  • Numerous international branches
  • Minimal scammers, ghosters, and fake profiles
  • Location-specific matchmaking


How to Find the Best Dating Site or App for You

Choosing the best dating website out there for your personal needs is not going to be an easy task. Aside from our ten personal favorites listed above, there are tens of thousands of similar websites out there. Get some more dating advice on online sites and its choosing.

Some are based on specific niches or preferences – others are more general, while some are dangerous. With dating websites come scammers out to exploit people for their sensitive information.

If you want to avoid these scammers, blackmailers, and other malicious individuals, you’ll have to avoid:

1  Profiles without any information or with sketchy information

2  Profiles with odd or unrealistic pictures

3  Broken English

4  People who attempt to solicit you to pay them something

5  Profiles who sound robotic

If you feel that someone is shady, sketchy, or trying to solicit you into doing something you’re not comfortable with, block and report them.

Finding the best dating website is as easy as avoiding these individuals and finding the right option. First of all, such a service is useless if it doesn’t have some actual singles on it.

Another thing you need to take into account is the features. You don’t want to use an outdated website. You want a website that will give you the most bang for your buck, and preferably be free.


The Ten Golden Rules of Online Dating Etiquette

Finding a partner on the internet is no easy task. Not because finding a platform is such a tedious task, but because not everyone knows the proper etiquette. You don’t want to flunk on your first crack at online dating.

To help you learn how to use these sites with some success, we’ll provide you with a few key tips. Below, we’re going to give you our top tips on online dating etiquette:

1  Upload high-quality photos in numerous settings

2  Fill out all the spaces in your profile creation tool

3  State your business on the website – dating, hookups, FWB, or something else

4  Always be as honest and transparent as possible

5  Make your profile seem as approachable as possible

6  Create a killer opening line or pick up line

7  Always be fun, cheerful, but weary

8 Don’t give out too much personal and sensitive information

9 Always choose the best possible dating app or website for your needs





Final Thoughts

As long as you keep these ten golden tips in mind when hooking up online, we’re sure you will have an easy time on dating websites. Remember, always be as respectful as possible, and treat others the way you’d like to be treated yourself.

Frequently Asking Questions

How do you spark up a conversation with someone on dating websites or apps?

Starting a conversation online is as simple as choosing a platform, finding an individual you like, and throwing in your one-liner. If you’re not one for one-liners, you might want to try the traditional approach of “Hi” or “Hello.” You’d be surprised how effective these are in establishing online communication.

Can online dating be free?

While there are some free online dating websites, most hide behind some form of paywall. If a site is free to use, it will almost always have a VIP or premium option that costs money and unlocks different features. Some websites require payment outright if you want to use their service, but there are viable free options out there.

Does age matter in online relationships?

Age is always an important factor in relationships. If you’re a minor, you shouldn’t be on these websites at all. There are sites centered around all demographics, so you’re sure to find one for you.

Is online dating safe?

If you pick a good website, online dating is as safe as they come. You should tell if a website is legit by its reviews, design, and community. As long as you pick a popular and recognizable option, you’re going to be okay. Steer clear of any shady websites that make mountainous guarantees.

Are there any rules for first dates?

While this depends solely on you and your partner, the general rule of thumb is always to remain polite, respectful, and fun. Don’t push your partner into anything, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t like your partner to do.

What photo should I use in my online dating profile?

While this depends solely on you and your partner, the general rule of thumb is always to remain polite, respectful, and fun. Don’t push your partner into anything, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t like your partner to do.

Do dating websites have apps?

Yes. Some of the most popular dating websites are apps, such as Badoo, Tinder, and Bumble. While they do have a website, most of their user base is on the apps.