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TeenChat.com Review

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TeenChat.com Review

TeenChat.com Sign in/Sign up

Signing up on most of the best free dating sites for teenagers is quick and straightforward. Since TeeChat.com prides itself as among the top online dating sites for people between 13 to 19 years, opening up an account on the website is fine and takes little time. There is no reason to wonder how to go about it. It only takes you a few quick steps, and in no time, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of being a member. During the registration process, the users encounter a rousing welcome from the design of the signup page. Everything is clear and visible to make new members complete the process fast and without a hitch. See all that which is required below:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email

Here are the signup steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Browse the TeenChat.com website
  • Step 2: Enter your selected username
  • Step 3: Create and input a password
  • Step 4: Enter a valid email address
  • Step 5: Select your age
  • Step 6: Check the provided box to prove you’re human
  • Step 7: Click the register button
  • Step 8: Log into the provided email and confirm

Teenchat.com sign in

Member Structure

TeenChat.com enjoys a membership of 1,000,000+ teenagers globally, with close to 470,000 coming from the United States of America. Other countries with large populations include the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Besides the country of origin, other areas make the membership here diverse and unique compared to other online teen dating sites. That makes it easier for users to contact each other based on their interests. Find such areas in the summary of the membership as provided below:

  • The site has a membership of over a million users, with approximately 470,000 members being Americans.
  • Other major countries with a vast membership base include Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland.
  • TeenChat.com has over 37,000 logins from its active membership every week.
  • The dating site covers users aged 13 to 19 years.
  • The gender proportion percentage between male and female users is 38% to 62%, respectively.

Member Structure teenchat

Matchmaking on TeenChat.com

Making the right contact with other users comes with having a compatible match. For people with an account on TeenChat.com, this could be easier than on any other site you have encountered. However, you’ll need to be right on several things to make it easy to find a unique partner. With the correct details on these critical areas, one has guaranteed top results that will not disappoint. Some of the necessary areas include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Sexual orientation
  • Hair color
  • Eye color

Now that you know what’s required, here are simple tips for finding the best matches on TeenChat.com:

  • Have a profile picture.
  • Input all the personal information relating to your interests and who you are.
  • Provide your preferences of an ideal partner.

Profile Quality

If your interest is finding the best mode for marketing yourself online for a friendship or a date, TeenChat.com is the best platform. The site has several facts that make it attractive to users, with only a few challenges. Some of the core advantages of the profiles include:

  • Users can customize their accounts however they like.
  • A profile on TeenChat.com looks friendlier and more welcoming than on other sites.
  • There are visual options that appear to have captured the attention of teen users.
  • Viewing of profile pictures is free.
  • Members can edit their profiles later.
  • Only one picture can be your primary photo.

Profile Quality teenchat

TeenChat.com App Review

At the moment, it is regrettable the website does not operate a mobile app mode. That means the only way to contact other users or access the account is through a web browser. Besides, the mobile phone web browser mode has adequately optimized services similar to those accessible on a desktop computer or laptop. Therefore, it’s easy to enjoy all the features on a smartphone, too, despite the lack of a mobile app version!

Design and Usability

Most of the TeenChat.com users have rarely complained when it comes to the performance of the dating site. That means the site is mainly efficient when it comes to operationalizing several features that could benefit members. Some of the most exciting things about the dating website include:

  • A user-friendly and maneuverable interface.
  • A straightforward design when members can trace a function easily.
  • Operations on a fast server that keeps the interactions going.
  • A stylish interface that appears charming to users.
  • The ability of the members to customize their accounts further to meet their desires.

Special Features

Besides the standard functions such as sending a message, TeenChat.com offers many other features in a novel karma system. See some unique features offered by the account below:

  • Friend Requests: It is a function that allows members to request other users to become their friends. The asked party has the freedom to accept or decline.
  • Chat Rooms: It is a platform that allows teens to freely chat with each other, either as a group or individually. Users can also meet new people here.
  • Forums: They have similarities to blogs and discuss most topics that relate to teens, including T.V. series, dating, video games, and school shootings, among others. No sexual content is available here.

Security and Support

On security, the site has failed in several ways. For example, the management argues they consider lying about age an offense that could lead to the deactivation of the account. However, there are no provisions on how they can determine the actual age of a person. The only information requested at the sign-up step is too scanty to guarantee user security. On the other hand, the support team is available most of the time, although faced with delays.

Costs and Prices

DurationMonthly CostsTotal Costs
1 Month$2.00$2.00
3 Months$1.67$5.00
12 Months$0.83$10.00
Lifetime VIP membership-$15

The dating site is deemed a low-priced online dating platform compared to other teenage dating websites in the industry. The fees are payable through debit or credit cards.

TeenChat.com Cancellation

For most users, the site is free. However, if one had paid for a VIP account, you need to stop the payment to cancel the membership.

Expert Conclusion

The site is excellent in terms of usability and profile quality. For people with accounts here, it’s easy to trace a function and maneuver without a struggle. Besides, a person can customize their profile to fit their preference. On membership, the site has over 1,000,000 users, with new registration happening daily. Despite the numbers, the participation of active users is limited. Another challenge to the site is account security. The platform has numerous fake profiles. The overall rating is 3.0/5.0.


Who are the TeenChat.com owners?

Cupid PLC owns the website.

How legit is TeenChat.com?

It has an SSL certification.

Does TeenChat.com charge women?

The account is free for all, but any user must subscribe for VIP privileges.

Is it possible to block another user on TeeChat.com?

Yes. A user can block a nuisance member from sending them messages, chats, or viewing their account.