Top 10 Dating Sites For Women Over 40 in 2022

Online Dating In Your 40s

Best dating sites for women over 40 is an amazing experience. This happens when users make use of the best free dating sites for seniors. The reason is that the partners involved are mature enough to know and decide what they want.

Flirtymature-signupFlirtymature dating site is one of the most reliable and all-encompassing when it comes to online matches. This best dating site is one of the heavyweights when it comes to matching mature women over 40. On the best dating site, there are active members of 3,000,000. Aside from that, the dating site has 375 000 users who are from the US.



  • Quick registration process
  • Easy cancellation of your account
  • Three days discount for new users


  • Too many fake profiles
  • The APK app is not available on the Google play store.
  • No real search algorithm

Price Plans

The cost for a month is $28.80. The 3 months subscription goes for $48.60 ($16.20 per month),and 6 months go for $79.20 ($13.20 per month).


The dating site is best for matchmaking women over 40 for marriage purposes. Why choose You should choose it because it offers one of the best dating services ever. On the dating sites, there is one million+ user within the ages of 40-50 and 50-75



  • The dating site has a mobile dating app
  • Cheap subscription


  • No automatic verifications or matchmaking

Price Plans

The upgrade is $16.99 per month, while the extra security upgrade goes for $11.99 in a month.

For the Premium Dater, the cost is $24.99 monthly.

Under the period cost, the cost outline goes for a 3-day trial at $0.99 per day.

The monthly subscription is $24.99, 3 months for $42.87 for 3 months,and $69.29 for 6 months.


Wantmatures. com


This dating site is the best for connecting women over 40 for an online marriage relationship. It was created in. 2017 to create an online matching environment that is accommodating. The dating site is currently at the population pull of over 10 million and 10,000 new intakes every month. It is very easy to get hookups of women over 40 because there are more than 7,000,000 active users weekly.


  • The app is simple to operate for everyone
  • The dating site has advanced search options.


  • Many fake account user
  • Porn content display
  • The recharge item is automatically on

Price Plans

The subscription for three days is  4.47$,

for a month, the cost is $ 34.99,

for three months, it costs $ 19.99,

the Seasonal Subscription is $59.97, and for180 days, it is $95.94.





This dating site is one the best and most amazing dating sites. It makes sure that the match experience of every user is redefined in a more meaningful way. Although the matchmaking process is partly for over 50 users, it has not ceased to generate traffic. Getting hookups with women over 40 is very easy.


  • The profiles are clear
  • Users can change their profile information later


  • To check images and read messages, you need to subscribe

Price Plans

1 Week 10.99 USD and for a month, it is 24.99 USD.

The lifetime Subscription is 149.99 USD.



Hinge-brand-pageWhen you register on Hinge, you are provided with a list of users according to the parameters you specified (age, gender, location); if you have mutual sympathy, you can write messages to each other. This dating site is the best for finding a partner for women over 40. Most of the dating site’s users are men who are looking for women for relationships and dates.


  • The dating site is simple to sign up
  • The dating app has advanced search options.


  • Many fake account user

Price Plans

Premium Classic is at $59.95. The  Premium Light for three months is $57.95

51%-$173.85 total. The Premium Comfort for six months is at the rate of $44.95.




Are you thinking of the best dating sites that guarantee peace of mind? Then sign up with eharmony. Eharmony has been one of the most rated dating sites with the best offers so far. With the love and comfortability of users in mind, the dating site has provided all it takes, and that is why many online dating personals are found on it. The current crowd estimate on it is 66 million.


  • It is easy for members to add other members to their favorite list
  • Cheaper subscription for users
  • Easy signing up


  • The dating site has a limited medium of communication

Price Plans

Light subscription is paid for at 10.98 USD / Month. 65.90 USD for 6 Months.

The Plus price is 12 months for 3.83 USD / Month-45.90 USD.

The Extra two years is for 1.50 USD / Month 35.90 USD


The League

TheLeague-brand-pageThe dating site for women over 40 was launched in 2005 to bring singles together for a relationship. The league membership structure is very impressive. There are millions from different places of the world and 50,000 from the USA. Also, it has 10,000 daily logins. However, the number of women is higher, with 52%-42% men.


  • It has a mobile app


  • Fake account users

Price Plans

Duration / Credits / Coins    Costs Total

Membership Flexible

Thirty-one days subscription is 199.99 USD / Month. The VIP members pay weekly charges at 399.99 USD / Week-399.99 USD. 1 Month 999.99 USD / Month.


Silver singles


For women over 40 seeking partners for marriage, sign up with Silver singles dating site. This dating site pairs people with genuine relationships. With millions of active users from every location of the world, you will always be lucky to find women over 40.


  • It favors only adults
  • Matching making is dependent on personalities


  • Photos can not be viewed by members using free features
  • Free features users can not send important messages
  • The mobile app is only available for paid feature users

Price Plans

A year subscription costs $27.95 (12 X $27.95).

For six months, users pay $37.95 while the three months members are to pay .$49.95


It was a dating site that was created 28 years ago. One of the reasons it is unique is that it is one of the first dating sites to emerge online. The current crowd pull of the dating site is 20 million and 4000,000 users from the US. Besides that, the number of daily logins is 3,000,000, while the premium user is 8 million. Men on this dating site are more than women with 55% and women, 45%.


  • There are extensive search filters


  • Users can not send messages unless they subscribe to the paid features

Price Plans

For 3 Months, it is 14.99 USD / Month. If users decide to go for six months, it is 11.49 USD / Month.





This is a haven for finding true love among 50 and above seniors. Despite the high age demand, this dating site has not ceased to grow beyond imagination. With lots of the goodies it offers, you can also sign up and register by providing information on your name, age, location, and email address. The dating site at the moment has 16 million users, which, by implication, makes getting a partner quickly.


  • Curated matches
  • The dating site offers 14 days subscription
  • The app has a lovely and simple to operate interface


  • There are lots of ads on the app
  • The subscription is quite expensive

Price Plans

It costs from free to $89.99. Premium subscription costs $37.99. In most states with discount rates available for long-term subscribers.

This goes for 31 days, $29.99. For subscribers who prefer the three months, they pay $69.99, and the six-monthly subscription costs $89.99.



Problems You Might Run Into When Dating Women Over 40

Particular challenges have to do with certain age brackets in marriage. As a man dating over 40 women, menopausal age is one of the issues to deal with. The reason is that hormones become imbalanced. This might tend to affect their emotions and attitude towards sex. Also, an over 40 woman is mature and probably might have been in several relationships and marriages. In the light of this, they might be afraid of opening up due to fear of the unknown. As a result of this, the partner needs a lot of understanding.


What Are The Best Dating Sites For Women Over 40?

The best matchmaking sites for women over 40 are the ones that cater to the needs of their users. Among the qualities these dating sites are expected to display, providing maximum security for users. Not only that, the dating sites should be able to control enough traffic that enables the users to get women over 40 within a short moment. Examples of these matchmaking sites are Flirtymature, Seniortodate, Our time, Silver singles, Elite singles, and the other reliable ones. These are the ones that have proven over decades that they are worthy of being given standing ovations in the dating services they render.


How does a matchmaking site for women over 40 works?

It works to provide the best for its users.

Which dating site for women over 40 can I trust?

All the ones in the review.

Does a dating site for women over 40 have an app?

Some have, and some don’t.